If you've worked with me and would like to say something nice I could share on here - please let me know. I'll be thrilled to hear from you. 


With massive thanks to Janine Starling, Tim McPhilips, Amir Gehl, Pam Jeffries and Jamie Moore for the following kind words:

Mindfulness sessions testimonials

“Lorraine delivered a mindfulness taster session for us at a Parkinson’s Wellbeing Day. Lorraine was great to work with and keen to learn all she could about the condition before delivering the session. The mindfulness taster was really popular, with most people trying it for the first time. The feedback we got was excellent, and for some the improvement they experienced with their symptoms was visible.” 


Janine Starling, Area Development Manager at Parkinson’s UK

"“Stop the ride I want to get off!” I remember saying that as a child. The combined feelings of anxiety and disorientation as objects became a blur and held on for dear life. I often find myself saying the same thing nowadays, the same feelings, only now in response to a hectic, out of control life and not a fairground ride. But, for a couple of hours last Wednesday an oasis of calm provided sanctuary from the maelstrom of emails, meetings, time checks, trains and critical self-talk. As soon as Lorraine started to speak about mindfulness the calm descended and didn’t lift for a good hour after we left the beach. Over that period I experienced a connection to something far more fundamental and real than the superficial rituals of checking my watch and attending to the buzz of a phone. Who knew Gulls could commune with the wind or that my feet could grow roots in sand? As I write this, the calmness is with me again, as is the chime of the Tibetan singing bowl. Thank you…"



Tim McPhillips

Head of Management Development, HR Centre of Expertise


Direct Line Group

Consulting work testimonial:

"Lorraine is an honest, professional, and thorough individual who has helped me tremendously during the last few months at Difference. She's an asset to the team, and I look forward to many years of working together!"


Amir Gehl, Founder, Difference UK 

Website creation testimonials

Jamie Moore, musician's website, link to follow
Jamie Moore, website, http://www.jamie-moore.com








Lorraine Williams worked with me to design and build my new

website and I am very happy with both the process and the end result.


Lorraine listened to what I hoped to achieve from my site and how I wanted it to look. She worked with me explaining, demonstrating and discussing various options while creating a design we were both happy with. She then offered me hands on training so that I can now update the content of my website. I was impressed by her knowledge, skills and patience. On my old website, I needed to go back to the designer to make changes to the content. This was timeconsuming, frustrating and expensive. I now feel capable and confident enough to make changes myself. I also know that Lorraine is available to provide friendly advice and support.


Just as it says on her own website she has created a 'distinctive and effective website for a reasonable cost' and has designed 'something that looks right – and does what you (I) need it to do.'


I am one extremely satisfied customer."


Jamie Moore, Musician



Qigong Pam website, click the image to visit the site
Qigong Pam website, click the image to visit the site

Lorraine worked with me to set up my website:



She was able to draw out of me what I wanted to say and how I wanted to my site to look. I am delighted with the result – it is exactly what I wanted. She has also shown me how I can update the site myself.


Lorraine makes it all look so easy - but then, that is her strength. If you want someone to set up a simple website for you, Lorraine is highly capable.


Pam Jeffries, Qigong Pam



http:// qigongpam.jimdo.com.