Some people find writing difficult, or simply may not have time to craft their words for maximum impact. I am happy writing for a business or consumer audience, for print or the web. 


I am the editor of the Broadstairs Beacon - a seasonal magazine about contemporary Broadstairs, published by Brightside Publishing


I was a magazine publisher in a previous life, publishing the customer magazine for BMW, several for IBM and the in-flight magazine for British Midland, Voyager. I have written articles and marketing copy for brands including Channel 4, Cancer Research UK, Audi, BMW, Red Letter Days, etc. I have been a regular contributor to Isle Magazine and The Isle of Thanet News and regularly secure coverage for my clients and personal projects in local and national media.


My experiences working in the health charity sector, at Cancer Research UK and The Thyroid Trust, included taking complex medical research documents and turning them into clear, compelling prose to inspire the public to support the charities, inspiring journalists to cover the stories we wanted them to cover and persuading health providers and policy makers to take issues that matter to patients seriously.


In a commercial and not for profit context I have extensive experience of writing consumer promotions, web and brochure copy, sales proposals, reports, press releases including PR feature stories and B2B documentation of all kinds. 


I have  used social media extensively since its early days and for my sins I run the Beacon and Mindful Thanet socials, but I definitely wouldn't call myself an expert in this field any more.  


If you need something written or edited, let me know. I might be able to help. I like to write and I can turn things around pretty quickly.