I love building websites, I just find it great fun. I used to work with multi-talented teams of editorial, design and technical staff, to deliver digital solutions for brand owners including Channel 4, Virgin Cars, Audi, Diageo, IBM and Oxfam. Now I enjoy creating simple sites for smaller clients, myself. It's a nice little sideline.


I can offer distinctive and effective websites for a very reasonable cost. Take a look at the examples below: I worked closely with the client and Gavin Blake at Trigger Brands, to devise the brand positioning and identity for this exciting new design-led development. I then quickly created this temporary website, incorporating the new identity and integrated with their booking system, to enable them to take direct bookings from day one. I am now leading the project to develop a full site with additional features, recruiting a team of specialists to deliver different aspects of the project. I created the brand identity as well as the full website site for this new charity for people affected by thyroid disorders. The site for East Kent property business, Maybank Homes. The site for London-based design practice, emerging brand and Social Fabric leaders, TYMO London. The site for writer, Patricia Mahoney, created in 2016. I created the original site for POW!Thanet - the celebrations which took place in Margate, Broadstairs and Ramsgate around International Women's Day in 2016. This site has since been entirely updated so is no longer my work. But I'm still proud of my involvement with the Festival, which is ongoing. I have contributed to the programme each year since it began and am passionate about the aims, to celebrate women and girls, so am happy to still showcase POW by leaving this link up. Thanks to Xquisite Director, Paul Clayton, for his kind words about the work I do for his company, see his blog. I created this site in 2015. This one was a labour of love for a community project I've been involved with since the start, if you'd like to get involved with the Broadstairs Town Shed, or know someone else who might enjoy it, do get in touch with them. A more friendly bunch of Shedders you couldn't wish to meet! The site for Broadstairs Town Team. Community Working Together.


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There are plenty of people who can build you a website. But getting something that looks right - and does what you need it to do - is about much more than just technical ability. 


I have a solid understanding of business, design and communications.


While the sites I build myself are naturally not as sophisticated as those I would do working with a professional team, they are perfect for small businesses, sole traders, small arts organisations and community initiatives. Naturally I can bring others on board, with additional skills, to work with me on more complex projects, where required.


With many years of managing client relationships and working strategically to achieve business objectives I am skilled at taking and interpreting a brief to ensure you will end up with something you are happy with.   


Take a look at the examples on this page, above and below, just a few of the sites I have built so far. Let me know if you'd like to have a no obligation chat about your own website needs. 


References available on request.  Click here for some testimonials.


Prices may be more affordable than you think and a no obligation initial chat costs nothing. If you want to learn how to update your website yourself using a simple content management system I will teach you. Why not get in touch to discuss your needs? 



Jamie Moore, musician's website, created 2013, click to visit site
Jamie Moore, musician's website, created 2013
Mindful Thanet website created in 2014
screen shot of Qi Gong Pam website, created 2012
Qi Gong Pam, created 2012
Open Meditation Camden, created 2010
Open Meditation Camden, created 2010